How to get modafinil prescription ? { Complete information }
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Prescription for Modafinil

How to get modafinil prescription ?

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Off-label smart drug users constantly look for ways to get hold of a prescription to procure modafinil if they are nationals of countries where modafinil is not sold over the counter.

So many users are left with the age-old method of visiting a doctor and getting the drug prescribed to treat any licit health issue.

But in case you are a healthy individual just looking for some off-label use, how can you procure a script for modafinil while complying with the law?

Well, the question is why do you need a prescription for modafinil at all?

Let’s shed some light on the uses and side effects of modafinil before proceeding further.

Uses of Modafinil

Modafinil which is a ‘eugeroic’ was initially developed in France, sold on prescription since 1994 under the name Modiodal while U.S FDA approved it in1998 and it was sold under the name Provigil.

Modafinil is not a classical psychostimulant and was primarily prescribed for the treatment of:


-obstructive sleep apnea

-shift work sleep order

It has also been proved to be effective in reducing fatigue, drowsiness, and tiredness in conditions such as cancer, depression, and multiple sclerosis.

Modafinil is instrumental in several cognitive functions like:

  • Sharpening memory (1) (2)
  • Improving focus and alertness (3) (4)
  • Intensifying motivation
  • Minimizing fatigue (5)


Because it stimulates wakefulness it has been used off-label by professionals of various fields like day traders, entrepreneurs, astronauts, military personnel and the list goes on.

Side effects of Modafinil

When compared to other nootropics modafinil can be labeled as a safe and well-tolerated drug. No potential risk has been associated with long-term use of the drug to date. Some mild side effects may be observed in people introduced to the drug. Common Symptoms may look like- (6) (7)

  • Headaches
  • Fluctuating BP
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety


Some of the severe side effects which are less commonly noticed include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Sores
  • Bruising and bleeding
  • Severe skin rashes


Having said that the side effects are nearly non-existent in users (i.e., Only about 17% of the users get affected) (8)

Only if any such effect occurs that is mainly due to overdose or wrong timing of drug ingestion. No deaths from modafinil overdose have been recorded ever.

Who needs a prescription for modafinil?

If you are lucky enough your country would permit off-label use of modafinil but for most of the countries, it does not work that way. Below we have provided a list of the countries the way they class modafinil use. (11)

United States

It is treated as a Schedule IV controlled substance under United States federal law.


It is classified as a Class I psychotropic drug in Mainland China.


Treated as Schedule I psychotropic drug in Japan.


Modafinil is treated as a schedule II drug in Russia


It is considered a schedule 4 prescription-only drug in Australia


It is classified as a schedule IV substance In Sweden and possession is therefore legal with a prescription.


In India modafinil is sold over the counter.

Other countries

Below are the countries where modafinil is not considered a controlled substance:

  • Canada
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Mexico
  • South Africa Schedule
  • United Kingdom


Therefore in these countries, possession is not illegal but a prescription is required.

How to get prescribed with modafinil

if you’re suffering from sleep disorders, depression or narcolepsy that’s the 1st thing your physician will prescribe but for them, without any such ailments it’s strong advice do not fake any symptoms for obtaining the drug because that might have severe legal consequences.

Several Reddit users, friends, and acquaintances have shared their experiences on obtaining prescriptions for shift work sleep disorder and other off-label conditions like ADD/ADHD, mild depression, fatigue due to multiple sclerosis.

But the point is why do you even need to go through that hassle when you can get modafinil without a prescription?

How to buy modafinil without prescription

Buying modafinil without a prescription is a much more reasonable, swift, and hassle-free process than getting a prescription.

The question is how?

Modafinil is available online on various websites delivered right to your doorstep.

You can always go on various forums like Reddit to see which vendors people are discussing most. I have my personal favorite whose link you can find at the end of this article.

Generally, for a 50 tablets pack per pill may cost you around 0.44$-2.50$ for 200mg tablets which are way more economical than buying it from a retail pharmacy added with doctor’s fees.

But there’s a code of conduct that has to be kept in mind when ordering from online vendors. Under no circumstances is it allowed to resell the drug. It is only allowed for self-possession. Better go through the laws of your country diligently before ordering.


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It Is said that several readers have successfully ordered modafinil without any trouble.

Most vendors also have a reshipment or refund policy in the worst case of the shipment being stuck at customs. So it is rather the safest and most economical way to get your modafinil.

You can click on the button below to reach one of the most trusted online pharmacies!

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