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HighStreetPharma Reviews


HighStreetpharma is an international online pharmacy that provides both brand-name and generic pharmaceuticals. There isn’t another Modafinil vendor in the market like it. They are a legitimate complete pharmacy that sells a wide range of products for allergies, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, pain relief, skin care, sleeping aids, and other ailments, as well as nootropics.


They are an online pharmacy that only sells the highest quality authentic medications, hence they sell the most premium modafinil and Armodafinil alternatives, such as Modalert, Waklert, Modvigil, Artvigil and Modafil.


They ship to most nations worldwide and users do not require a prescription to shop on their website; nonetheless, they recommend seeing a doctor before ordering from their broad selection. Follow the sections below to find out whether HSP gets an upvote from us or not.



HSP – Pass or Fail?



  1. Wide range of products– HSP is a one stop shop for all your needs offering medicines, both prescription and OTC for various health issues. As reviews suggest a small percentage of male users experience erectile dysfunction after modafinil use. In case you have similar experiences, you can surf through their ED medication options along with the nootropics and enjoy huge discounts on both categories. As we know the best existing nootropics today is Modafinil, while Piracetam is the more established and tried nootropic that has been in use for a long time. HSP is among the very few vendors who offer both. Apart from Modalert, Waklert and others you will find Nootropil at a reasonable price.


Though having so many alternatives is beneficial, it might be difficult to choose the most effective among them at times.


  1. Cheapest pricing- As their website mentions ‘world’s lowest price’ that has been rightly justified by their pricing which is extremely reasonable compared to its peers. Modalert is only 1.70$ per pill on this website and if you buy 300 pills it becomes 0.84$ per pill! That’s an amazing price compared to others. Moreover, for nootropics you are entitled to a 15% discount plus 30% extra products when you pay by crypto. We did not find such a deal on any other website as of date. Also, they offer a 10% discount to returning customers.


The only drawback is you have to order a minimum of 50 pills in case you want to try for the first time not sure what to do. You can go for their sample pack which has 10 pills each of 5 varieties.


  1. Free express shipping worldwide for nootropics- They offer free shipping by default from Singapore or India for nootropics which takes about 5-14 days to reach. For other categories they provide free express shipping on orders above 150$. The standard shipping charges for other categories (other than nootropics) is a very nominal fee of 9.9$only. Orders to the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia take 7 to 12 business days to reach while orders to the rest of the world take 14 to 30 days. However, owing to the pandemic, their website currently mentions delays, and requesting for a buffer time of three to four weeks.


For nootropic orders they offer Guaranteed EU Delivery for all EU countries except Austria, Norway and Sweden.


  1. 100% money back guarantee- this vendor promises a full refund or reshipment in case your consignment gets confiscated. However, bear in mind to choose the shipping options carefully because With Free Airmail/Express shipping, please note due to strict customs, they don’t provide refunds or reshipments for few countries like Austria, Algeria, Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia or for any other EU countries and a few more. Do check their website if your country is on the list before placing any order with them. However, full refund or reshipments will be provided for EU countries if ‘Guaranteed EU Delivery’ shipping method is chosen.


  1. 24×7 customer support team- HSP offers a dedicated team of customer support whom you can get in touch with in case of any queries or issues. There is a contact form on their website which when filled and submitted response can be expected within 2 hours. Or you can directly email them at their support email mentioned on the website and expect a quick response within a couple of hours.


  1. User friendly and professional website- Unlike a few vendors in this business HSP offers a very high-end website professionally designed with a user-friendly approach. Navigation on this website is very smooth with clearly mentioned categories and clear mentions of deals and discounts. You also get a lot of information on their FAQ section.


  1. Various payment methods- On HSP you can pay by crypto, gift cards and Master cards. However Mastercard is accepted only for US, UK and Australia users. Their PayPal option is also available for a few selected countries only. They have a limited number of payment options. Having said that they accept the most secure and most widely used payment methods.



Final Verdict on HighStreetPharma



So, despite being a newcomer to the market, HSP has outperformed its competitors in terms of service. They have quickly established their presence with 99 percent on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and free shipping. Above that, their large product catalog is a plus for many while a disadvantage for others, particularly solo nootropics purchasers who find it crowded.


Overall, we can claim that HighStreetPharma is one of the most well-known sellers in the market, progressively following in the footsteps of Modafinil legends such as ModafinilCat and DuckDose. We give a thumbs-up to this vendor and are excited to see how it performs in the future.