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ModafinilXL Reviews



ModafinilXL is an online pharmacy that has been in business for the longest span when compared to its peers which we think is a fantastic achievement in this industry where smart drug vendors come and go in a flash. They have a great reputation and are completely reliable. They are reviewed extremely well and are 5 stars rated on various third-party websites. Let’s understand the upsides and downsides (if any exists at all) in this review.


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Why choose ModafinilXL?



  • Genuine quality generic Modafinil- the products supplied by ModafinilXL are exactly similar to the branded Provigil in terms of potency and efficacy because ModafinilXL sources its products only from reputed and US FDA certified manufacturers like Sun Pharma, HAB Pharma, Intas Pharma, Healing Pharma which are all leading manufacturers from India.


  • Amazing discounts when purchased in bulk- Apart from a 20% discount when paying with bitcoins, there are amazing offers when buying in bulk, for example, the minimum order size is 10 tablets. If you get a pack of 10 Modalert pills for 29 $, each pill costs 2.9 dollars, thus 300 pills would cost roughly 897 dollars, but interestingly, you can get a pack of 300 Modalert pills for just 319 dollars at ModafinilXL! Isn’t that incredible? You can save a lot on this website by using various coupon codes that they offer. You can get 35$ discount when you purchase over 500$ and 25$ off on a purchase of 360$ and above and so on.


  • Several generic Modafinil alternatives, along with free trial samples- They have a wide variety of options to choose from like Modvigil, Artvigil, Modalert Waklert, Modafresh, Modaheal, Vilafinil, Modavinil and Armodavinil. There are also incredibly economical Modafinil and Armodafinil combo packs in their offer, and in addition to that they also have erectile dysfunction medicines and hair loss medicines. The best part about this vendor is that you can get free Modafinil and Armodafinil samples. But keep in mind that you still have to pay the shipping charges of 29$.


  • 24×7 customer support with guaranteed delivery- They have a committed customer service team, and their website is quite helpful. You can find answers to any questions you have about your purchase on this website. In case it’s not sufficient you can connect to the support via email who will get back to you in 2 hrs., and they promise to offer a refund or reshipment if the shipment is not delivered. However, in the current Covid situation, there is a 90-day waiting period before reshipment.


  • Quick delivery- Owing to its shorter shipment time, ModafinilXL stands out among other providers. It is renowned to ship things within two hours of receiving an order. If you order from the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia, you can expect to get your package in seven to twelve business days, and 14 to 30 business days if you order from anywhere else in the world. When it comes to shipping to US, UK, Australia this platform offers two options: standard delivery, which costs $29 but is free for purchases over $80 (takes 10-18 business days), and expedited shipping, which costs $39 but is free for orders over $180. (It takes 7-10 business days). Another newly introduced shipping option is from the UK via Royal Mail which can be used by users from UK, Norway and Switzerland at a price of 49$ plus 35% of the order subtotal which is quite expensive but delivery is guaranteed within 3-7 days.



Why should you not choose ModafinilXL?



  • Little discount on small quantities- The incredible deals that this website offer is all applicable on bulk purchases for smaller quantities. It is possible to find better rates with other Modafinil sellers and also the shipping charges are a bit on the higher side compared to its peers. And the downside of ordering in bulk is that the orders arrive in multiple shipments to avoid any customs issues which can be a reason of inconvenience for some.


  • Limited area of operation- currently ModafinilXL only ships to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Hongkong, Singapore and Malaysia. Although they used to deliver to the European Union Countries at a premium shipping charge, they recently discontinued their service in those countries.


  • Free samples are not actually free on ModafinilXL- Even though the website advertises free samples, don’t get carried away because a nominal fee has to be borne by you which is 29$ which they charge as the shipping fee.



Final Verdict on ModafinilXL



As a result, ModafinilXL has a 5 to 3 advantage. There are more reasons to buy nootropics online with ModafinilXL than there are to avoid it. Being a long time in the industry their service can be vouched for. Moreover, if you are someone who wants to purchase in bulk then ModafinilXL is the right place to go.