Why People Buy Modafinil Online? - Allmodafinil
Why People Buy Modafinil Online? - Allmodafinil
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Why People Buy Modafinil Online?

In a recent study done by leading market research company in the USA on use of Modafinil among athletes, executives and academics revealed that 47% of the respondents take modafinil and the reasons were listed as:

  • enhanced concentration and memory recall
  • enhanced efficiency
  • reduced procrastination
  • better decision-making and planning of schedules
  • increased time to exhaustion with reference to physical activity.


Because the branded version of Modafinil which is Provigil, is regarded excessively pricey, 83 % of the respondents revealed to use generic modafinil. Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, and Artvigil were the most popular generic drugs for modafinil.

In the United States, modafinil is categorised as a schedule IV drug, but 85 percent of respondents stated they could acquire it online without a prescription. This is another reason of its popularity among those who use it off-label as a “nootropic” or “smart drug” to increase their cognitive abilities.

The benefits most experienced by the participants

  • A twelve-hour waking period is typical.
  • Mental functions and faculties are improved.
  • Memory enhancement (both work and episodic memory)
  • Improved concentration (longer attention span),
  • Productivity and output have increased.
  • Reduced fatigue.


Side Effects of Modafinil

Because modafinil increases mental alertness, it frequently interacts with other drugs. Patients’ underlying medical issues may be exacerbated by these medication interactions. This is especially true if people use this sedative without a legitimate prescription from a doctor.

Modafinil use has historically been associated to allergic responses, chest pain, high blood pressure, and other issues. The most serious side effect that people may suffer after taking modafinil is chest discomfort. If patients encounter any negative side effects after taking modafinil, they should seek medical help right away.

Patients should avoid using the medication if they are pregnant or using birth control pills, have a history of drug misuse, or are taking other prescription medications. Modafinil should never be given to anyone who has a history of drug or alcohol addiction because it might be addictive.

Only 9% of those polled reported they had encountered unfavorable side effects, the most common of which were dry mouth and headaches.

Common symptoms include: 

  • Headaches
  • Fluctuating BP
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety


Some of the severe side effects which is less commonly noticed includes:

  • Hallucinations
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Sores
  • Bruising and bleeding
  • Severe skin rashes


Is it Safe to Take Modafinil?

According to research, modafinil is relatively safe to take because of its limited potential for abuse. Overdosing on modafinil has not resulted in any fatalities. According to studies, high-quality modafinil is not only safe to use, but also generally well tolerated.

Advantages of buying Modafinil Online

To add to the above listed advantages, here is a list of other reasons why study participants prefer to buy modafinil online:

  • The nootropic substance is simple to obtain via the internet.
  • When paying with Bitcoin, online merchants provide you a discount (BTC)
  • Assured delivery.
  • The cost of buying modafinil on the internet is significantly lower.
  • Modafinil can be delivered to users’ homes.
  • For internet purchases, users do not require a valid prescription.
  • In their country, there may be no legal limits on purchasing smart drugs online.


Legalities of buying modafinil online

For a variety of reasons, not all nations allow you to buy modafinil online. None of the study participants reported any legal difficulties when purchasing it online considering the fact it was only used for self-utilization strictly and not for sharing or distribution.

Is Purchasing Modafinil Online Safe?

Finding reputable online pharmacies to acquire modafinil was rated as a tough job by most respondents. Although there are several websites selling pills but just a few among them have goodwill and provide flawless services. 85 percent of those polled indicated they were unable to obtain a prescription from their doctor in order to purchase modafinil online. Modafinil pills typically contain between 100mg and 200mg of the active component, according to online suppliers. If taken at the appropriate dosage, clinical research suggests that modafinil is a safe and effective nootropic drug (up to 200mg per day). Respondents to the survey believe that buying modafinil online is quite secure because suppliers provide guaranteed delivery, quick shipping, and good customer support. It is advised to choose reputed sellers who deal in drugs manufactured by FDA approved companies to buy safe and effective modafinil.

Where to Buy Modafinil Online ?

While there are numerous online pharmaceutical shops that provide modafinil, there are a few that stand out for distinct reasons. Those who are new to discovering an online modafinil dealer should start with the most popular namely ModafinilXL, HighStreet Pharma, BuyModa and Dino Supplies.

These are the top few vendors according to us in the market right now after the closure of Modafinil champions like Duckdose, Modafinilcat, Modafinilstar and Afinilexpress.com.

Best part about these vendors is they provide free samples of various Modafinil generic products. This is an excellent opportunity for their consumers to test the product before purchasing modafinil online. They ship a wide range of popular generic brands worldwide delivering Modafinil in the shortest time frame to most countries.

Each of the above-mentioned vendors offers international shipping with a variety of payment options (including Bitcoin), express shipping, and delivery assurance.

Their customer service is excellent, and all of their websites provide a streamlined shopping experience.

  • ModafinilXL– ModafinilXL is one of the most established sellers that can be trusted. They provide substantial discounts on bulk purchases. They focus heavily on high-quality products and prompt delivery. It is well-known for shipping items within two hours of receiving an order. They have a dedicated customer support team, and their website is pretty informative. ModafinilXL Reviews might help you learn more about the vendor.



  • HighStreet Pharma– Along with generic Modafinil and Armodafinil, HSP offers a wide selection of items. Despite being relatively fresh, it has succeeded in building a reputation in the market akin to the old vendors. HSP’s pricing is the most competitive, and they give a money-back guarantee if your package is confiscated (if at all). Moreover, for nootropics buyers are entitled to a 15% discount plus 30% extra products when paid by crypto. They ship free of cost to most nations. Their customer service crew is quick and efficient. To know more about HighStreet Pharma read HighStreet Pharma Reviews.



  • BuyModa– BuyModa is a reputable vendor who will not let you down in any way with your Modafinil purchase. Furthermore, they ship to countries like Canada and New Zealand, where relatively few vendors ship. Except for the EU and Canada, BuyModa offers free shipping on all orders. They provide their consumers with a variety of payment methods. BuyModa also provides a lot of discounts to its recurring customers and a 20% discount on crypto payments. Read BuyModa Reviews to learn more about the company.



  • Dino Supplies– Dino Supplies is an online pharmacy that differs from its competitors in that it focuses on a small number of products. They only sell a small number of high-quality medicines from globally recognized manufacturers such as Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma. They ship to the majority of the world and all EU nations, and they offer a 25% discount on cryptocurrency payments. They ship from either Singapore or Europe. Furthermore, they provide free shipping regardless of purchase size, with a minimum order quantity of 30 tablets.  Read Dino Supplies Reviews to learn more about the company.



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