Modafinil Myths and Facts | Allmodafinil
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While Modafinil is certainly a wonder drug for overworked individuals looking to enhance their productivity, there are some myths floating around this magic pill. Hence, some of the completely misinformed ideas spread by individuals due to lack of basic understanding of the mechanism of action of this cognitive enhancer.



1.     “Modafinil gives you superhuman intelligence”  

modafinil cannot improve one’s inherent intelligence. For instance, if someone has disliked maths his entire life popping a pill will not make him a mathematics genius. For better or worse, no legal or well-researched nootropic plants, chemicals, or supplements on the market today can grant you superpowers.

Being said that modafinil is just a good medical intervention to aid in the elimination of persistent fatigue as a result of many hours of continuous job. It simply allows you to perform harder than usual by increasing your psychological fervour and motivation beyond your natural exhaustion limits.



2.     “Modafinil provides you shortcut to success”

 Although Modafinil improves alertness in people who are unable to complete their essential activities owing to mental exhaustion and lethargy, you should not believe false claims that the tablet provides alleged shortcuts to success. Nootropic supplements, like any other form of nutritional supplement on the market today, are not intended to replace crucial components of a person’s routine or lifestyle — this includes anything from good sleeping habits and a nutritious diet to hard work and devotion.

Having said that, there is a growing amount of scientific evidence indicating that the benefits of using smart drugs may have the ability to help an individual achieve specific tasks and goals with increased levels of motivation and enthusiasm.



3.     “Generic modafinil is not as effective as branded Provigil”

Generic medications are designed to function in the same way as brand-name drugs. The key distinction is in the name and the manner in which it is sold. Generic and branded drugs have exactly the same chemical compositions and are equally effective and safe as their branded alternatives. Branded ones are almost 80-85% costlier than their generic ones just because they were the pioneers in discovering the medical formula.



4.     “Take higher doses of modafinil to get more benefits”

The phrase “less is more” is absolutely valid in the case of modafinil. To obtain the most benefits from this smart medicine, use it wisely.For a healthy adult, 200mg twice or three times per week should be more than enough to get the intended effects.

Excessive dosages of any stimulant or cognitive enhancer will only encourage the body to build drug tolerance, and modafinil is no exception, which means that the same amount of doses will no longer deliver the same level of cognitive benefits as they did previously.