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Modafinia Reviews



Modafinia is an online pharmacy different from its peers in terms that they focus on the most popular nootropics and not just modafinil. They also offer piracetam which their peers do not have. Their sole objective is to deliver the most popular quality modafinil generics to the users. Their website has an aesthetically pleasing look and offers a very high-end experience to its shoppers along with its user-friendly approach. It is designed in a way to gives a very smooth experience to users.

They have a product list of the most well-known and dependable generic versions of  ModafinilArmodafinil, and Piracetam. Shoppers get a chance to choose among the various options, unlike its competitors who offer very few options on their website.

modafinia coupon code



  • Partners with certified renowned manufacturers only- Modafinia only sells limited but quality products from globally recognized manufacturers like Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma. These are reputed manufacturers who produce high-quality nootropics that will fulfill all of your cognitive enhancement desires while remaining safe to use.
  • A wide range of products to choose from- Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, and Artvigil are the four most popular and potent Modafinil and Armodafinil alternatives on their product list. However, there are other recently introduced products on the market that are equally powerful from other well-known producers and are ideal for beginners with a milder but potent effect and you will get to pick those options at Modafinia. Even if your budget is limited, there are options accessible, such as Vilafinil, Modaheal, Modawake etc.
  • Payments and discounts- At Modafinia you can pay by Mastercard, American Express card, credit card, crypto, and PayPal. They provide a whopping 15% discount on crypto payments however it provides only 5% discount to its returning customers which are less compared to its peers.
  • Shipping and delivery- They ship to most of the world and all EU countries. They ship via Singapore or Europe. Shipping from the EU takes about 7 working days while shipping via Singapore takes about 3 weeks. Their shipping process prioritizes the ease with which the packages travel through postal systems over overall speed.  They believe a well-sent item that does not require re-shipping will nearly always arrive sooner than one that has moved quickly through the postal system. Moreover, they offer free shipping irrespective of the order size. Minimum order quantity is 50 pills.


  • 100% reshipment guaranteed- If your order is confiscated by customs, the company offers to refund or reship it, however there is a list of countries that are eligible for this advantage that is clearly stated on their website. Before ordering from them, double-check the list for your country’s inclusion. When you order from Modafinia, you’re taking no chances. However, in the event of a failed delivery owing to a customer’s incorrect address or unavailability to accept delivery, the company may refuse to reship your item. 




Modafinia is a secure and legal website that is well-liked by consumers for its appealing design and ease of use, as well as the significant discounts it provides on crypto payment. If you’re seeking new potent modafinil alternatives at a fair price, Modafinia is a wonderful place to start. They also provide incredible discounts on bulk purchases, which none of their competitors do. In the short time, it has been on the market, Modafinia has established a solid reputation.