Modafinil Legal in your Country? Check the Fact
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Modafinil is permitted to be sold and used on prescription only. In the United States it is categorized as a schedule IV-controlled substance which means it has a low potential for drug abuse and dependency. It is prohibited by the Drug Enforcement Authorities to import drugs without a script from oversea vendors.


Modafinil is also banned from any kind of sports, physical or e-sports. The Olympic panel has since a long time ago prohibited the utilization of Modafinil for competitors planning to partake in the Olympic Games on grounds of fair play. Similarly, the Electronic Sports League (ESL) declared in 2015 that it would utilize the principles of the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to uphold the prohibition of performance enhancing drugs.


Unfortunately, it is treated similarly in most countries leaving a few like India, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia and many more South American and Asian countries where modafinil is not a controlled substance and easily available over the counter.


Procuring a prescription for modafinil can be an arduous job. Even for the approved causes of using modafinil, like sleep apnea or narcolepsy, healthcare practitioners will first conduct tests and even after detecting the issues it’s upon them if they want to prescribe modafinil or some other medication. So, for cognitive benefits or other off-label uses, chances of getting a prescription are almost next to zero.


Yet there is always a solution to a problem. People who are in need of using this smart drug to boost their cognitive skills or for any other off-label purposes, but do not want to go through the hassle of consulting a doctor can choose the method of online purchasing where prescription is not mandatory.


Although if you go by the book, it’s not allowed to import drugs by individuals, but by ordering for personal use in moderate quantities no one ever has been reported of facing any legal consequences. But yes, it must be limited to personal use only and redistribution is strictly prohibited and can be charged as a serious offence.


Many legitimate online vendors can be found over the web who over the years of efficient service have earned a goodwill of their own. These vendors deal in medicines manufactured by FDA approved drug manufacturers only.


By online purchase one can expect cost-effective, high-quality generics delivered within a week or two at their doorstep without going through the hassle of procuring a prescription.


At the worst case of any legal objection one can expect their package to be seized by the customs which happens very rarely. In such circumstances the buyer is not harassed at all and most shippers initiate refund or reship the products.


As said earlier, you will not experience any trouble if you order in moderate quantities and not attempt to resale or share.


Every vendor has their own set of shipping policies to various countries, mentioned on their website in detail. It is advised to go through the rules in detail before proceeding with the purchase.